I've been teaching in the Bay Area for over fifteen years and have learned quite a bit more from teaching than I expected to. Finding new ways to to explain drumming and music to a diverse group of students with different strengths and weaknesses has been a rewarding experience. My degree in music from N.I.U. has helped me approach the drum set as a melodic instrument capable of expressing musical ideas beyond the role of time keeper. My experience as a freelance musician has made me familiar with a variety of different styles of drumming, so I can cover what most students are interested in. And most importantly, I like to see my students have fun and gain a sense of accomplishment from their practice.

You can contact me by e-mail at otto_huber@hotmail.com


I teach out of my home studio in Alameda, and also at my rehearsal studio in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland. I rotate between a set of Gretsch New Classics in Bop sizes and an early '70s set of Slingerlands in traditional Rock sizes in the Temescal studio. At the home studio, I teach on a set of Roland electronic drums.





Here's a photo of Xavier performing his Funky Primer assignment.